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Sweet Treat Wedding ice cream flavours near Skipton, North Yorkshire

We love our ice cream to be memorable and to stand out from the crowd with gorgeous flavours that you may not have tried before.

We love the ol' favourites with our classics too, for they formed the basis of our ice cream journey.
We guarantee you'll find it hard just picking your favourite two or three flavours...


Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar goes hand in glove with our Guernsey enriched milk and cream and gives a colour, flavour and texture that is perfectly balanced. Our number one choice at wedding events.

Clotted Cream

Our finest Guernsey milk creates the clotted cream that goes in to our clotted cream ice cream, made using an age-old traditional recipe, thats won two Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards


Experience the heady scent of summer strawberry. Fresh and fruity aromas of real ripe strawberry and a taste to match.

Mint Chocolate Chip

The heady scent of mint blends so naturally with delicate nuggets of dark chocolate and our fresh Guernsey enriched milk and cream to give a crisp fresh taste and vibrant mint colour.

Rum and Raisin

We use rum and juicy raisins, the intensity of rum blends with our creamy milk to give an amazing flavour with succulent raisin surprises. A classic.


Our cocoa is carefully crafted in Italy to give our chocolate ice cream its velvet richness and combined with Guernsey milk and cream, it's amazingly indulgent experience. One of our top three popular flavours.


It’s the river of white chocolate sauce that runs through our dark chocolate ice cream in a Wonka style that makes this a bitter sweet chocolate-lovers dream. A creamy dreamy double chocolate ice cream.

Banana and Mango

This is a tropical fruit crush of sunshine that’s guaranteed to brighten up your special day. It delivers a taste of the Caribbean, with natural mango and banana blended with our enriched Guernsey milk and cream.


A frothy foam of a milky latte with a mellow coffee hit transports you to an Italian coffee shop. An authentic taste that's a coffee drinker’s blend of Cappuccino with smooth coffee richness.


Young roots of finely chopped Oriental ginger are slowly braised to create a very sticky ginger hit. This soft, delicious ginger ice cream is a real connoisseurs flavour.

Rhubarb Crumble

We celebrate Yorkshire's favourite fruit with our take on this traditional family favourite. The lip-smacking rhubarb fruit blends with a cinnamon crumble crunch delivers a big hug of rhubarb in every scoop.

Yorkshire Beer and Raisin Ripple

There's a barrel of real Yorkshire ale in every batch of this unique flavour, made using Black Sheep Riggwelter Beer from their brewery in Masham and mixed with plump raisins and chocolate sauce.

Praline Pecan Delight

Lightly sugared pecans sprinkled with salt create a nutty praline sensation that will ping pong around your mouth. It enriches the ice cream with a luxury nutty caramel flavour.

Cherry Delight

Juicy Italian Morello cherries and Amerena cherry sauce combine to give a dark and rich flavour, blended with our enriched Guernsey milk and cream to create a velvet cushion of cherry-ness.

Vanilla & Toffee

Britain is known as a nation of toffee lovers and our Vanilla Toffee flavour carries on this great tradition with rich British toffee pieces, butterscotch caramel smoothness and a satisfying crunch.


Our honeycomb pieces are made with soft brown sugar to give a subtle caramel flavour and light amber colour that works perfectly with the goodness of the natural vanilla bean.

Liquorice & Blackcurrant

Jewels of blackcurrant and subtle liquorice ripple swirl through creamy ice cream in a mottled awesome combination of flavours. Dark aniseed richness combines with the juiciest blackcurrant tingle.

Toffee Apple

A rich appley puree with the right amount of tartness gets your taste buds tingling and the river of apple and caramel sauce adds that chewy bonfire night, gooey richness.

Nutty Toffee

A caramel base gives a delightful lightly burnt sugary taste; like a crème caramel style and a crunch of delicate shards of hazelnut make an exciting contrast to the sprinkled pieces of English toffee.

Cinderella Honeycomb

She is our favourite princess and the careful layering of honeycomb, milk chocolate, cocoa and delicate dark caramel flavour tells you why this ice cream will definitely go to the ball.

Fudge Brownie

Gooey chocolate brownie swirls through our Madagascan vanilla ice cream, made with vanilla and Belgium chocolate fudges pieces, this a devilishly naughty but nice treat that just oozes flavour.

Black Cherry

Amerena Cherries with a natural sweetness of cherry and a tangy sourness complements our enriched Guernsey milk ice cream so naturally in this lipsmacking bestselling flavour.

Salted Caramel

A caramel sea salted sauce rippled through our Guernsey enriched milk and cream ice cream followed by a perfect pinch of tiny salted caramel flakes, gives this flavour a headiness that sets it apart.